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Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ

A Man Spekith

Artist Song
Squirrel Bait  Kid Dynamite 
Bitch Magnet  Hatpins 
Rapeman  Radar Love Lizard 
Slint  Rhoda 
Bastro  Demons Begone 
Ruins  Holebones 
Crain  Car Crash Decisions 
Don Caballero  Chief Sitting Duck 
Shellac  The Admiral 
Dazzling Killmen  Staring Contest 
Craw  Strongest Human Bond 
Breadwinner  Knighton 
Rodan  The Everyday World of Bodies 
U.S. Maple  Hey King 
Chavez  Break Up Yr Band 
June of '44  June Miller 
Oxes  And Giraffe, Natural Enemies 


...and then Saba was like, "what even IS math rock, anyway?"
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Date: 4/4/2007
this is the best exercise mix I've ever seen.