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What we are doing to each other is ridiciulous.

Artist Song
The Arcade Fire  Keep the Car Running 
Rilo Kiley  The Good That Won't Come Out 
Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins  Handle With Care 
The Fiery Furnaces  Here Comes the Summer 
Gang of Four  Damaged Goods 
MC5  I Can Only Give You Everything 
The Good Life  Always a Bridesmaid 
Minus the bear  Get me Naked 2 Electric Boogaloo 
Tom Waits  The Part you Throw away 
Tim Kasher  2 A.M. 
Beck  Lost Cause 
Yo La Tengo  Our Way to Fall 
The Good life  Empty Bed 
Jeff Buckley  Lover, You Should Have Come Over 
Azure Ray  The Drinks We Drank Last Night 


This is for the on again mostly sexual relationship I've shared with a guy for about three years. It's the best/worst thing I have ever done.
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Date: 5/3/2007
i like it. bittersweet.
Date: 5/3/2007
this is absolutely great! love your 1-5 run & 11-12, 14-15 are also amazing picks.
Mr. Mirage
Date: 5/4/2007
I'd like to hear this one... I know the story, just not this soundtrack. Sigh... Great title.
Date: 5/4/2007
I'm in the same situation. My mix "I hope you die in China" is along the same lines of this one. check it out, there are some damn good songs on it.

ps: this is really great, are you going to give it to him?
Date: 5/4/2007
good mix. love the rilo kiley, yo la tengo and azure ray tracks.
Little Spencer Boys
Date: 5/5/2007
course best (hot) and worst (cold) just ends up lukewarm.