It's a very fine line between clever and stupid

Artist Song
Deerhoof  The Galaxist 
Hadouken!  That Boy That Girl 
J Mascis & The Fog  Sameday 
Sonic Youth   Sugar Kane 
Violent Femmes  Gone Daddy Gone 
The Chinese Stars  Drugs & Sunshine 
Mercury Rev  Goddess on a Hiway 
The Shins  Kissng the Lipless 
Modest Mouse  Dark Centre of the Universe 
Bongwater  Nick Cave Dolls 
Lard  The Power of Lard 
The Fall  Reformation 
Pere Ubu  The Modern Dance 
Television  Marquee Moon 
Herman Dune   Bristol 
Lucinda Williams  Come On 


Hee, this is funny - I started something, chucked a load of US indie into the mix, and ended on a really pissed off lady berating her ex fella by way of a track from one of the greatest debut albums ever (Marquee Moon that is, although The Modern Dance is pretty ace too. Anyhoo, it scans pretty well for all that...). Thanks to David St Hubbins for the title ;-)


Rob Conroy
Date: 5/5/2007
This looks great all around.
Date: 5/6/2007
i like this... A LOT!