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twenty little pickles

Artist Song
frank zappa  no not now 
mike doughty  the gambler 
me first and the gimme gimmes  end of the road 
ernie freeman trio  rockhouse 
de la soul  magic number 
they might be giants  wicked little critta 
erasure  take a chance on me 
bill hicks  i'm talking to the women here 
mike keneally  johnny one-note/the exciting new toothpaste from mars 
moxy fruvous  king of spain 
alabama 3  ain't going to goa 
fishbone  cholly 
rufus wainwright  i'll build a stairway to paradise 
chris opperman  ain't got no beef 
sparks  my baby's taking me home 
soul coughing  casiotone nation 
william shatner  common people 
elza soares  saltei de banda 
queen  mustapha 
flaming lips  bohemian rhapsody 


for patty on her 21st birthday. emphasis on goofiness and unusual covers.


Mark Petruccelli
Date: 5/18/2007
This looks incredible ... Zappa, TMBG, Hicks, Moxy Fruvous, Rufus, Sparks, Queen and I am absolutely dying to hear the Lips covering Bohemian Rhapsody! Top marks.
Date: 5/18/2007
This is great! Very creative and good choices in songs. They will flow together nicely.