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the man who would be king

Artist Song
The Coral  Calendars & Clocks 
Death Cab For Cutie  This Temporary Life 
The Beatles  Nowhere Man 
Ani DiFranco  Grey 
Aimee Mann  Amateur 
The Arcade Fire  Wake Up 
Green Day  Brain Stew 
The Libertines  The Man Who Would Be King 
Louis XIV  Louis XIV 
Avalanches  Frontier Psychiatrist 
Arctic Monkeys  Brianstorm 
The Beatles  Got To Get You Into My Life 
Ani DiFranco  Names & Dates & Times 
Talking Heads  Give Me Back My Name 
Modest Mouse  Ocean Breathes Salty 
Andrew Bird  Fake Palindromes 
Aimee Mann  Frankenstein 
Ryan Adams  I See Monsters 
Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan  Silence 


My serial killer mix. It's intended to be based upon the character Gabriel Gray/Sylar in the show Heroes, but I think it just about works as more general mix.

(After all, sci-fi/comic book creators have been using mutants and the like as allegories for decades.)

"It's important to you, being special?" "It's important to everyone." - Mr Bennet and Sylar, Fallout (1:11)

"I would say we both have a desire to be valued. My desire to be valued is manifested in cultivating relationships with my friends and family. Sylar's desire to be valued manifests itself... well, in a murderous rampage." - Zachary Quinto

01-04. Solitary, unfulfilled, lonely life.
05-07. All change - the stirrings of power/madness.
08-12. Enter: the psychopath.
13-16. Methods of madness. In the show, Sylar ah, cuts other "heroes" heads open and does something with their brains to acquire their powers. He's also quite a snaeky fellow.
17-19. The open ended power trip/God complex portion. I was aiming for some sort of peverted religious experience with "I See Monsters" and "Silence".

In hindsight I could've cut out at least one track per section, but my desire to pack as much as possible into 80minutes is a failing.


Date: 5/23/2007
Cool concept. Brain Stew's one of the few Green Day songs I can still enjoy. I really like the Salty/Palindromes pairing.