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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
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as the stitches come undone.

Side A
Artist Song
the pupils  it's good to have met you 
jonathan richman  a higher power 
talulah gosh  my best friend 
galaxie 500  tugboat 
saturday looks good to me  dialtone 
beat happening  cast a shadow 
syd barrett  i never lied to you 
eric's trip  my chest is empty 
palace brothers  you will miss me when i burn 
the magnetic fields  why i cry 
the buzzcocks  you say you don't love me 
mirah  mt. st. helens 
del cielo  disconnected 
the specific heats  other boys 
william elliott whitmore  when push comes to love 
Side B
go sailor  i'm still crying 
dennis driscoll  dare i say i love you? 
math & physics club  you'll miss me 
tiger trap  my broken heart 
macha loved bedhead  believe 
the wedding present  suck 
delta dart  map it out 
kepler  the way you fall apart 
casiotone for the painfully alone  tonight was a disaster 
the secret stars  alienation #3 
the dirty three  i remember a time when once you used to love me 
the mountain goats  i wonder where our love has gone 
rainer maria  the reason the night is long 
cat power  say 


the second installment in what is turning out to be a series of mixes for the same boy. we're trying really hard to remain best friends, with all sorts of complications. the biggest stumbling block perhaps being the fact that we've both admitted to still being in love with each other & wanting to give things another go, but being prevented from doing so because of his hesitations about it not being "in our best interests". so instead i make mixtapes in an attempt to explain things to him ninety minutes at a time (even though he always hated most of my music anyway).


anthony lombardi
Date: 5/22/2007
i'm not sure someone who hates this music is worth pursuing, but what do i know -- this is chock full of terrific stuff that's poignant, heartbreaking & comforting
Date: 5/23/2007
awesome mixtape. absolutely nothing to hate here.
Funky Ratchet
Date: 5/23/2007
Agreed! Very solid, lots of awesome choices. Kudos for the Wm Elliott Whitmore!
Date: 5/23/2007
Bin him! Actually it's not for me to say. Can I say this mix is terrific though? Cos it is. Love everything I know here (bout 75%)...
Little Spencer Boys
Date: 5/24/2007
mmmmm, bittersweet love. so painfully good. don't know a lot of these, but I like the theme...
Date: 5/24/2007
seeing as i never have the opportunity to make these kinds of mixes, i appreciate when someone else can do them and do them well. both sad and fantastic, and kudos for the go sailor track. don't see that too much these days.
Rob Conroy
Date: 11/18/2007
Sad, sweet and beautiful. I hope you're okay all these months later.
Mason Jar12
Date: 11/29/2007
What's going on wingy? :D nice mix.. seems like the older I get the more out of touch I get with newer music. I still do some mixes now and then..