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they give us funny looks and we love the attention.

Artist Song
Say Anything  Belt 
john doe  mama don't 
against me!  pnts of guinness make you strong 
Harvy Danger  happiness writes white 
Oranger  Going Under 
the aquabats!  fashion zombies 
the kooks  eddie's gun 
billy joel  don't ask me why 
social distortion  mainliner 
Azure Ray  Across the Ocean 
mindless self indulgence  bring the pain 
the eels  hey man(now you're really living) 
david bowie  underground 


so we were walking in some neighborhood trying to get from school to starbucks in time to get back for one-acts and to not get yelled at by the authorities and we found a busted tv in some guy's yard and took it with us.
it was the four of us, and we're a weird looking bunch. and now we're carrying a tv with us.
we left it under a bush.
this mix is dedicated to today;
in which the following happened:
lying, dodging, sneaking away, getting lost, getting sunburned, shoplifting, breaking and entering, fence-jumping, frapacino drinking, slurpie creating, gum chewing, storming an elementary school playground, talking to strangers, watching a really bad high school play, leaving early, and dancing to MSI in the parking lot.
.... .... .... that's all.


Date: 5/25/2007
Any mix with John Doe and eels rules in my book.
Date: 5/25/2007
you sound like a teen adventure novel.
Date: 5/27/2007
...and that's a compliment!