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Playlist | Alternative - Indie Rock
Playlist | Alternative - Indie Rock
Playlist | Alternative - Indie Rock
Playlist | Alternative - Indie Rock
Playlist | Alternative - Indie Rock

Indiesoc's Deep Funk

Artist Song
Joyce Williams  The First Thing I Do in the Morning 
Reginald Milton & The Soul Jets  Clap Your Hands 
The Chosen Few  Cut Me In 
Little Sista  Sanga 
Paul Humphrey  Funky LA 
Camille Bob  Brother Brown 
Pat Hunt  Super Cool (You're Just Super Fool) 
The US  Let's Do It Today (Procrastination) 
Leroy Hutson  Blackberry Jam 
Ray Frazier & Shades of Madness  I Who Have Nothing 
Fabulous Counts  Get Down People 
Co-Real Artists  What About You (In the World Today) 
Soulsations  Standing on a Corner 
Renaldo Domino  Let Me Come Within 
Sandi & Matues  The World 
Jesse Anderson  Readings in Astrology 
Bobby Byrd  Try It Again 
Ronnie Keaton  Going Down for the Last Time 
Fugi  Mary Don't Take Me on No Bad Trip 
The Everyday People  Soul Livin' 
Mary Jane Hooper  I've Got What You Need 
Billy Paul  Am I Black Enough for You? 
Betty Barney  Momma Momma 
Joseph Henry  Who's the King 


A mix I made awhile back from about eight different funk comps -- such as Keb Darge, Sessions, and Funk Drops comps.


Mark Petruccelli
Date: 5/30/2007
I don't think I know a thing on here, would love to hear it if you are up for a trade.
Date: 5/30/2007
Ruddy Marvellous. Lots I don't know about here. Very exited about our upcoming trade now!
Date: 5/30/2007
Cool! This site's been one funky place the last few days. Doon't know much here. but I dig that Co-Real Artists track.