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if color could be sound words might compose like song

Artist Song
the samples  feel us shaking 
dar williams  this is not the house that pain built 
death cab for cutie  lowell, ma 
lisa loeb  how 
soul coughing  pensacola 
shudder to think  you're gonna look fine, love 
modest mouse  baby blue sedan 
sarah mclachlan  elsewhere 
rainer maria  ceremony 
ani difranco  cloudblood 
indigo girls  language or the kiss 
k's choice  my heart 
tori amos  never seen blue 
branford marsalis  berta, berta 


a cd for a dear friend, completed about six hours before we stopped dating. (i have a gift for timing, and irony.) it is meant to be listened to as recorded, but when considered in reverse, tracks 1-13 act as a synopsis of the relationship. break-up included, if you can believe it. track 14 stands alone, and (in my opinion) makes the mix.


Date: 4/23/2001
wow! a whole lot of songs i've never heard of! that seems to happen a lot.
Date: 6/10/2001
this looks like a really interesting mix. :)