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The soundtrack to a life

Artist Song
Blind Melon  No Rain 
The Beatles   Help! 
Pearl Jam  Thin Air 
Led Zeppelin  You Shook Me 
The Beatles   I Call Your Name 
Dance Hall Crashers  Don't Wanna Behave (Live) 
NOFX  She's Nubs 
Elliott Smith  A Question Mark 
The Clash  The Card Cheat 
The Leamonheads  No Backbone 
Tom Waits  Hoist That Rag 
Radiohead  Lurgee 
Elliott Smith  Bled White (Live) 
It's Who You Know 
Elliott Smith  Oh Well, Okay (Live) 
The Who  Pure And Easy 
Plan White T's  Take Me Away 
Elliott Smith  LA (Live) 
Pearl Jam  Hold On 


I never though that one of these things from myspace would end up on here, but it did. So, anyway, the soundtrack to my life: As randomly selected by my ipod.

The songs fit the following scenes in this order:
1. Opening Credits
2. Waking Up
3. First Day Of School
4. Falling In Love
5. Fight Scene
6. Breaking Up
7. Prom
8. Life's OK
9. Mental Breakdown
10. Driving
11. Flashback
12. Last Stop
13. Getting Back Together
14. Wedding
15. Birth of Child
16. Final Battle
17. Death Scene
18. Funeral Song
19. End Credits

I have the oddest life ever. I think only two of those songs actually worked.