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Don't Fall In Love With the Blue Skies of Texas

Artist Song
Sonic Youth  Purr 
Mirah  Don't Go 
Wipers  I'll Be Around 
Patrick Wolf  Augustine 
The Pogues   Living in a World Without Her 
The Velvet Teen  Stay With Me 
Walkmen  Don't Forget Me 
Jackson 5  Never Can Say Goodbye 
Grandaddy  Goodbye 
Cat Power  Where is my Love? 
The Ramones  Chain Saw 
Portishead  Numb 
Daniel Johnston  Honey, I Sure Miss You 
The Decemberists  Angel, Won't You Call Me? 
His Name Is Alive  You Need a Heart 
Future Bible Heroes  Lonely Days 
Young Marble Giants  Brand-New-Life 
The Twilight Singers  Live With Me 
Placebo  Without You, I'm Nothing 
The Magnetic Fields   Plant White Roses (Susan Anway vocals) 
The Thermals  Goddamn the Light 
Rufus Wainwright  Hallelujah 


She's going to Texas for the summer, I'm going to miss her, and I made this for her trip down there. The first and last tracks are intentionally disconnected. However, tracks 2-6 are supposed to show my heartbrokedness over her departure, and the insistent fight I'll put up to get her to stay. Tracks 7-9 are me saying goodbye, and coming to terms with it. I'm missing her in 10-16 and by 17-21, I've gone a little crazy. I hope you enjoy.


Date: 6/12/2007
this is pretty awesome. and of course i always love a mix with my hometown boys, the velvet teen.
Date: 8/22/2007
well i am basically in love with you