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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock

Last Call Gets So Lonely

Artist Song
January  I Heard Myself In You (Part 2)  
Sparkler  You Know Who You Are 
Libido  Overthrown 
Woolworthy  Wallflower 
Mysteries of Life  Wish You Well 
Scott Thomas Band  Black Valentine 
Stereo Bus  Birthday 
Garageland  Gone 
The Put Outs  Longbranch Fadeaway 
Hellacopters  Carry Me Home 
Flaming Sideburns  Up In Flames 
Built To Spill  Sick And Wrong 
Superdrag  The Staggering Genius 
Perfect  Thing I Call My Life 
Welt  Broken 
Leslie  Stolen From A Dream 
Sophia  Every Day 
Drugstore  Starcrossed 
Micheal Penn  Figment 
Primitive Radio Gods  Wayward Pilots Mission 


A mix I started back in '02 or so. Could never get the track list where i was happy with it, so i put it aside to finish later and forgot about it till years later. Dropped about five of the orginal songs, added some new ones, and think it turned out pretty good, if not a little late. Full version for download under first song.
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Date: 6/14/2007
ohh primitive radio gods. memories...