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Mirai Ha Ongaku Bakuhatsu

Artist Song
Trademark  Kiniro No Kaze  
Drum Kan  I Know 
Art School  Mosaic 
Downy  Delta 
Condor44  Edd 
Airmail  Sick 
Sloth Love Chunks  Shigatsu Ni Furu Yuki 
Onsoku Line  Breed 
Bleach  He (Hips)/Howling 
Toddle  A Site 
Supercar  Be 
Mothercoat  Angle 
Cube Juice  Explosion 
Aco  Fuan Na No 
Mo'some Tonebender  Hang Song 
Avengers In Sci-Fi  Speed of Love 
Beat Crusaders  Bang! Bang! 
Applecider  Tsumasaki Sora 
Spangle Call Lilli Line 
Higuchi Makiko  Rui 


Second of my Japanese rock collections. Title (I'm sure poorly) translates to 'futuristic music explosion.' I've come to realize I'm way more on top of the Japanese underground indie sound than i am the American at this point. The first mix (Musen No Toukyou) also has a download. Full version for download under first track.
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