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Rob Gordon School of Vinyl: Part VI - Year Abroad

Side A
Artist Song
Talking Heads  Road to Nowhere 
They Might Be Giants  Birdhouse in Your Soul 
U2  Seconds 
Neutral Milk Hotel  The King of Carrot Flowers Parts II & III 
The Stooges  No Fun 
Sly & The Family Stone  Stand! 
Janis Joplin  Piece of My Heart 
Blondie  Hanging on the Telephone 
The Police  So Lonely 
The Kinks  Situation Vacant 
The Zombies  Care of Cell 44 
Belle and Sebastian  Act of the Apostle ii 
Side B
The Who  Baba O'Riley (Live) 
Franz Ferdinand  The Fallen 
The Knack  My Sharona 
Wolf Parade  It's a Curse 
The Byrds  Feel a Whole Lot Better 
Bright Eyes  Middleman 
The Rolling Stones  Far Away Eyes 
Van Morrison  Caravan 
David Bowie  Lady Stardust 
Paul McCartney  Nineteen Hundred and Eight-Five 


A return to the Rob Gordon series culled from my vinyl library. After a couple diversionary exercises (the 'Dick's Mix' pairing) I'm back and playing by the rules, using exclusively vinyls that have not yet appeared on any previous RG tapes. I kinda like this one for its simplistic awesomeness. I trotted out some usual suspects (Kinks, Bowie, etc.) but I like the way it plays overall. Enjoy!


Date: 6/14/2007
Some serious love for this one. Seriously, I love just about ALL of the artists. Also, I too am a frequent user of the Kinks in my mixes (especially anything off of Arthur and Something Else). the Zombies track is pure class, as well. I give this a big ol' stamp of approval.
A.D. 69
Date: 6/15/2007
Good call with the Zombies and the Van.
Date: 6/20/2007
Side two of this mix rocks my socks from end-to-end, especially given that it starts with one of my favorite versions of one of my favorite songs. I'd really like to hear side one, since while I love all the artists, I can't hear the transitions in my head and some of them really pique my curiosity (Sly to Janis for instance). I also give high, high marks for including the most purely amusing Rolling Stones song ever. Solid work, can't wait for vol. VII