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who's going to wash our hands when we're finished with this world

Artist Song
jandek  i need your life (excerpt) 
erik satie  gymnopedies no. 2 
arab strap  new birds 
sonic youth  freezer burn/i wanna be yr dog 
daniel johnston  true love will find you in the end 
holy haunted head  fiery was the path (mega-crossed by demons) 
xiu xiu  20,000 deaths for eidelyn gonzales, 20,000 deaths for jamie peterson (fag patrol version) 
langley schools music project  in my room 
leonard cohen  dress rehearsal rag 
iggy pop  mass production 
sonic youth  protect me you 
slint  good morning, captain 
neutral milk hotel  little birds (live) 
gavin bryars  jesus' blood never failed me yet (excerpt) 
daniel johnston  careless soul 


turn off all the lights and crawl into bed and never leave. this is a re-make of an older mix i made years ago.


Date: 6/18/2007
I like.
DJ Karen Adams
Date: 6/18/2007
Me too.