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Playlist | Alternative - College Rock
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girl rides metro alone

Artist Song
Ape Hangers  I don't want to live today 
Tool  Eulogy 
Zelianope  Ink 
Everyoned  You Wear it Like Smoke 
Vanna  I am the Wind 
Branches  Sixteen Hours to Georgia 
Eddie Vedder  Goodbye 
C-Minus  Interlude #1 
Beck  Tropicalia 
Down to Earth Approach  4th Rung of the Ladder 
Various Artists  FREE MO 
Tokyo Police Club  Be Good 
Spill Canvas  Caterpillars 
Sigur Ros  Gong 
Tegan + Sara  downtown 


i was in a very odd mood that's hard to describe in words; music may be the only medim able to communicate it. i still don't even really know what it was.
[WILL UPLOAD AS SOON AS I FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE A ZIP FILE... anyone who wants to help would be loved forever]
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Date: 6/24/2007
put everything in a folder. right click on the folder and go to send to. left click to revel compressed (zipped file). all there is to it. you can send it to me for practice.