At which time God screams to me, "There's nothing left for me to tell you."

Artist Song
Sonic Youth  Eric's Trip 
The Pixies  U-Mass 
The White Stripes  Little Cream Soda 
Husker Du  Celebrated Summer 
Dinosaur Jr.  Almost Ready 
Weezer  The Good Life 
Spoon  Lines In The Suit 
Morrissey  Do Your Best and Don't Worry 
Magnetic Fields  Parades Go By 
Alanis Morrisette  Mary-Jane 
The Raincoats  Shouting Out Loud 
Sentridoh  No Matter What 
Blind Melon  Walk 
Jim Croce  New York's Not My Home 
Neko Case  Maybe Sparrow 


This is the angst-ridden companion to my last mix, We Can't See Clear, But What We See is Alright

This mix is partially the reason why I didn't put "Eric's Trip" on the last mix. The last one was about my new-found adult responsibilities and ideas and coming to terms with them, while this one focuses alot more on being young and being very intimidated by what lies ahead. All of the songs are pretty self-explanatory, with the Neko Case track playing the same part as the Bob Dylan track on the last one. Instead of being "the old wise man who tells you like it is", it serves as that authority/mentor figure that warns you before doing something. Consider it a reminder to "listen to your elders", especially during such a transition, because they know what they're talking about.I really wanted this part of the mix to capture the same sentiment from the first one, but on a much more personal level. I understand that I'm stepping into adulthood (whether I like it or not), but I'm still young and don't know if I'm all that ready for it.
As you can see, there isn't any really "old" music, except for the Croce track. I tried to keep the tracks limited to only "modern" bands (to go with the whole "youthful" thing), but I really don't listen to a lot of the newer indie stuff, so this is as modern as it gets for me.


Date: 6/24/2007
Ooh. I love your opener and closer. And your Pixies , Stripes, Mozzer, Fields... Pretty much everything except for Alanis. Hey, 14 out of 15 is enough for 5 Gold stars right?
Date: 6/24/2007
Alanis may seem lame, or whatever, but the song is effective :)
French Connection
Date: 6/25/2007
God could scream till he's blue in the face but he wouldn't have a solitary thing to say to me that I'd be interested in. This mix however has my attention big time!
Sister ZoT Jarvis
Date: 6/26/2007
Cliff took the words right out of my...
Mike Eternity
Date: 6/28/2007
In consideration of your comments, this is a impressively thought-out mix. Plus anyway it has some sweet music on it - new White Stripes and Dino Jr., the best of Weezer, classic Husker Du and Pixies, many other highlights. But in the context of your theme, it's even better. The songs really reflect that uncertainty you talk about, and to which we can all relate. Well, at least me. Any chance of a third mix? This and your last one are intelligent, creative, and enjoyable (-looking) bunches. Don't stop now, and good luck with everything
Date: 6/30/2007
Great picks here. And thanks for the cmt, you are right, Gina Burch (Raincoats) would fit right in.