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Carrie's mix '07

Artist Song
XTC  River of Orchids 
Luscious Jackson  Naked Eye 
Sonic Youth  Beauty Lies in the Eye 
Esthero  That Girl 
Feist  Mushaboom 
Neil Young  He Was The King 
The Clash  Pressure Drop 
Metric  Glass Ceiling 
Portishead  All Mine 
Shalabi Effect  Blue Sunshine 
Cat Power  He War 
Rilo Kiley  Does He Love You? 
Sia  Breathe Me 
Beth Orton  Central Reservation [original version] 
Suzanne Vega  In Liverpool 
The Smiths  There Is A Light That Never Goes Out 
The Arcade Fire  No Cars Go 
Massive Attack  Exchange 


another mix for my sister...

(edit 8/9/07...added missing track).


Date: 7/3/2007
yay esthero!! your closing track is also key. nice work, hope your sis likes it!