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Don't Panic

Artist Song
Explosions In The Sky  It's Natural To Be Afraid 
Radiohead  Paranoid Android 
The Cure  Where The Birds Always Sing 
PJ Harvey  Water 
U2  Bullet The Blue Sky 
Nine Inch Nails  Just Like You Imagined 
David Bowie  Five Years 
The Arcade Fire  Keep The Car Running 
Jarvis Cocker  Running The World 
The Flaming Lips  Mr. Ambulance Driver 
Gorillaz  O Green World 
TV On The Radio  Bomb Yourself 


I think I woke up one day feeling quite pessimistic and this came out. From natural disasters, to world leaders, from fear to nostalgia, from injustice to pragmatism. It is a possible near future. And it sucks. And if it seems short, it's really not, the songs are quite long.