otter pop in 2006

Artist Song
Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3  Adventure Rocket Ship 
Shony Collins  The Seamen's Church 
The Stevenson Ranch Davidians  What A Wonderful World 
The Diableros  Working Out Words 
The Foundry Field Recordings  Holding the Pilots / Holding the Facts 
Human Television  In Front of the House 
Sambassadeur  Kate 
purplepaige  Suzie On A Sunday Morning 
The Carrots  I Tried To Call You 
Johnny Boy  You Are the Generation that Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve 
The April Skies  Rise and Rise Again 
Irene  Stardust 
The Electric Pop Group  Popgirly 
David Kilgour  BBC World 
Mojave 3  Breaking the Ice 
Asobi Seksu  Thursday 
Saint Etienne  Stars Above Us 
Mahogany  Supervitesse 
The Radio Dept.  I Wanted You To Feel the Same 
The Ballet  In My Head 
Baskervilles  Where Did My Summer Go? 
Television Personalities  You Kept Me Waiting Too Long 


Well, it's been awhile, but Moe is persistent in his need for pop, so here are many of my favorite pop tunes from 2006. I've had the pleasure of discovering a lot of pop from all over the world through mySpace, which, despite its many annoyances, is a gold mine for the seeker of fine pop songs. Especially if you can't get to Sweden.


Mike Eternity
Date: 7/18/2007
Fuck yeah on Johnny Boy - I keep thinking they're going to hit it big because they're so damn poptacular. Irene, Mojave 3, Carrots, Radio Dept., and Asobi Seksu can't be denied, either, and I'm looking forward to finding out what tracks 1-5 sound like, assuming they're still available on myspace. Viva pop!
Date: 7/19/2007
Wow! The amazing otter boy has come out of hibernation! Yes, this does fulfill my ongoing need for pop. I echo the "fuck yeah" on Johnny Boy, and further enthusiastic expletives go out to St. Etienne, Mojave 3, Irene, Sambassadeur and the Radio Dept. Perhaps we can trade again for old time's sake.
Date: 11/12/2007
Love the Irene track and the amazing Spectoresque Johnny Boy track. Research definitely needed on the stuff I don't know.