Nobody saw me, just my bottle, and what they saw of it was empty.

Artist Song
Gillian Welch  Leaving Train 
Patti Smith  Are You Experienced? 
Maggie Estep & The Spitters  Skid Row Wine 
Ralph  Pull My Daisy 
DeVotchKa  Danglin' Feet 
The Denver Gentlemen  The Denver Grab 
Sage Francis with Jolie Holland  Got Up This Morning 
Two Timin' Three  Payin' The Price 
Joe Strummer  The Brooding Side Of Madness 
Tom Waits  Heartattack And Vine 
Blatz  Fuk Shit Up 
The Diffs  Living Chaos 
Calexico  Sunken Waltz 
The Decemberists  Los Angeles, I'm Yours 
Hope For Agoldensummer  Roadsigns 
Gogol Bordello  Wonderlust King 
Gaucho  J'attendrai 
Miles Davis Quintet  I Could Write A Book 
John Doe  Hotel Ghost 
Tom Waits  Down There By The Train 
The Hold Steady  Don't Let Me Explode 


"Home I'll never be" was a mix I made to listen to on my recent journey out west. This is the narrative soundtrack, a better description of what actually occured. Title from the Maggie Estep track, which is a Jack Kerouac poem.