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Slampt: Viva La Punka

Side A
Artist Song
Red Monkey  Missy 
Pussycat Trash  Fake Heart 
The Yummy Fur  Policeman 
Sally Skull  You Better Go 
Milky Wimpshake  Roll A Disco 
Avocado Baby  Dumb and In Love 
International Strike Force  Bryan Robbsons Red and White Army 
Golden Starlet  Snow Whit 5, Wicked Stepmother 0 
The Yummy Fur  Theme From Ultrabra 
Skinned Teeth  Dance All Night 
Avocado Baby  Vacuum Cleaner Wrap 
Petty Crime  Mathematics 
Red Monkey  Weight of Should 
Golden Starlet  Girls Gotta Fanclub 
Milky Wimpshake  My Heart Beats Faster Than Techno 
Pussycat Trash  Exhibit in "A" 
Unseen  Youth Hole 
International Strike Force  Invasion Of The Boyscout Clubhouse 
The Yummy Fur  Kirsty Cooper 
Bette Davis & The Balconnettes  Shopping On The Internet 
Golden Starlet  Hot Stuff 
The Yummy Fur  Frankenstein A Go-Go 
Small Black Pig  The Lady Died 
Avocado Baby  Fucking Love Song 
Side B
Golden Starlet  I Wanna Go Out With You 
Milky Wimpshake  Spidey 
Pussycat Trash  Mock Style Examinations 
Red Monkey  18+ 
The Yummy Fur  Rollerderby 
Sally Skull  Running Kind 
Lung Leg  Theme Park 
Avocado Baby  Paper Lanterns 
Milky Wimpshake  Clicking It 
Pussycat Trash  Object to I-dent 
The Yummy Fur  Supermarket 
Missy X  J.C. 
Petty Crime  Closed Eyes 
Avocado Baby  Skin Jump 
International Strike Force  You'll Be Dumped (And Then You'll Be Sorry) 
Bette Davis & The Balconnettes  Celebrity Fucker 
Red Monkey  Cakey Pig 
Milky Wimpshake  I Wanna Be Seen In Public With You 
Avocado Baby  We Like To Do It 
Golden Starlet  Baby 
The Yummy Fur  Pink Pop Girls 
Kodiak  Zero 
Avocado Baby  Outer Space Lover 
Milky Wimpshake  It Might Sound Dramatic 
Avocado Baby  Cinema Date 


Without going into a dissertation: an attempt at a 'retrospective' of the Slampt record label. Although laid to rest as entity that releases records sometime last year, the Slampt kids were some of my absolute favorites, both in terms of output and politics. They flew pretty low under the radar in the U.S. (well, and the U.K, too). Their existence was born out of the Riott Grrl/DIY movement of the late '90s and they set out to document the musical happenings of their hometown scene in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Initially cassette-only, they graduated to vinyl and evenutally to a few CD releases, consistenly marked with a K Records ethos and Dischord records political streak. The above represents a good sampling of most of the label's vinyl releases (besides, there are plenty of carryover of band members, with Slampt co-conspirators Rachel & Pete sitting at the core of Pussycat Trash, Avocado Baby and Red Monkey). There are also a a few Slampt-by-association releases too. What didn't exist in musical talent was always made up for with sheer ambition. This one took a while to plug & chug together, w/20+ songs per side and lots of sub-2:00 songs, but well worth it.


Date: 4/27/2001
this is quite, quite, good. i totally dig all the slampt! and guided missle stuff, and sadly, most of it is difficult, if not impossible to find here in colorado. i've got some yummy fur stuff and 3 of the slampt/guided missle comps. would you be willing to trade?
dave e.
Date: 4/27/2001
oh, MAN. this is SWEET. i'm a rabid slampthead meself, and it's f**kin' brillant to see missy X on someone's comp. god, i loved them to pieces. i once began a guided missile comp, but abandoned it midway thru for some unknown reason. viva la yummy fur!!
Date: 12/6/2001
this is (trade)flat out awesome! what has to happen (trade) in order for me to obtain a copy (trade)?
Juan 1
Date: 3/16/2002
wow. this is the greatest!
james porter
Date: 11/15/2002
i miss slampt. *sigh*
dan x
Date: 4/27/2003
wowza! there ARE slampt fans out there! aw i loved it so much my friend named his server after it and now my website's on! teehee.

but o lord this is good... i would kill to get a copy, is that possible?