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Artist Song
Aimee Mann  One [Harry Nilsson] 
Joss Stone  Fell In Love With A Boy [The White Stripes] 
Maxwell  This Woman's Work [Kate Bush] 
Stereophonics  Nothing Compares 2U [Sinead O'Connor] 
Emiliana Torrini  Sounds Of Silence [Simon & Garfunkel] 
Ani DiFranco & Aimee Mann  When Doves Cry [Prince] 
Peaches  Gay Bar [Electric Six] 
The Bens  I Touch Myself [Divinyls] 
Indigo Girls  Mrs. Robinson [Simon & Garfunkel] 
Sarah McLachlan  Solsbury Hill [Peter Gabriel] 
Nelly Furtado  Crazy [Gnarls Barkley] 
KT Tunstall  I Want You Back [Jackson 5] 
The Lemonheads  How Will I Know [Whitney Houston] 
Bright Eyes  Mushaboom [Feist] 
Ben Gibbard  Complicated [Avril Lavigne] 
Ryan Adams  Like A Virgin [Madonna] 
Counting Crows  Crazy For You [Madonna] 
Dar Williams feat. Ani DiFranco  Comfortably Numb [Pink Floyd] 
Rufus Wainwright  Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered [Standard / Lorenz Hart & Richard Rogers] 


[May 2007] A follow up to my first genderswap covers mix.

01. I've not heard the original or seen Magnolia (this was the opening track?), this song is on here because it's one of my favourites that happens to be a cover.
02. Eh. I'm not a huge fan of Ms. Stone, but I cannot deny that this is ridiculously funky. (But I still much prefer the franticness of the original.) Still, Amy Winehouse does the white-girl-sounds-black thing better.
03. A really good cover. Maxwell's vocals are gorgeous, but. But, I don't get the emotional reaction from this I do from Kate's. Where we had a female artist exploring the gender dynamic, and singing from a male point-of-view re: (difficult) childbirth and the relationship that comes with that (and the fact that his partner might end up dying and all), we get a somewhat striaghtforward rendition that comes off as kinda emotionally schmaltzy and bland, no matter how pretty it sounds.
05. The original is one of my favourite songs, and ET does it justice. Her voice is haunting, and flute-like (like Vienna Teng), beautifully controlled.
09. Love. This and the original. Almost identical, but that's no bad thing.
10. See above. (What? Peter Gabriel is cool. Well, the "Sledgehammer" video is.)
12. I was shocked by how good this is. I don't find KT Tunstall a particularly interesting artist, but wow. Acoustic, but dead funky and full of energy. Her cover of Missy Eliott's "Get Ur Freak On" is even better.
13. Evan Dando gets a billion plus points for trying his hardest to not change pronouns.
15. No covers!mix is complete without at least one by Gibbard.
16. Continuing with the ironic pop covers. "Gonna give you all my love boy, my fear's fading fast, I know I married Sean Penn, but don't count that against me - I got a really nice ass." I LOVE THIS MAN.
17. A not-so ironic pop cover by Ryan's mate Adam Duritz. Lovely.
18. Very, very similar to the original. A decent cover, methinks, but hardcore Floyd fans might disagree.
19. Perfect.

And once again I manage to omit Patti Smith's cover of "Gloria". Maybe next time.