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jangle belles (nauseatingly twee mix the first)

Artist Song
The Shins  Kissing The Lipless 
Bright Eyes  Mushaboom 
Sixpence None The Richer  Kiss Me (Japanese) 
The Monkees  Daydream Believer 
The Thrills  Big Sur 
The Fullerenes  Rosemary's Baby 
The Apples In Stereo  She's Just Like Me/Taking Time 
The Weepies  World Spins Madly On 
Belle & Sebastian  I Love My Car 
Electric Light Orchestra  Sweet Talkin' Woman 
The Cardigans  Lovefool 
Bob Marley & The Wailers  Is This Love? 
Eels  Hey Man (Now You're Really Living) 
The Archies  Dizzy 
Beulah  Popular Mechanics For Lovers* 
The Kooks  Naive 
Joss Stone  Super Duper Love 
Rilo Kiley  The Frug 
Red Hot Chili Peppers  Road Trippin'* 
Ben Lee  Catch My Disease ( That;'s The Way I Like It) 
The Whitlams  I Will Not Go Quietly* 
The Boy Least Likely To  Rock Upon A Porch With You* 


[May 2007] It was an uncommonly sunny day in the North if England, and I was feeling - also uncommon - exceedingly cheerful. Therefore, twee!mix2.

I'm not sure how well I got them to flow. Plus point = all the songs sound the same. Minus point = this induces diabetic (or boredom) coma. And the majority have no intro and a slow fade-out with about ten seconds of silence tacked on the end, which makes for an irritating (yet soothing) up-and-down listen. Anyway, I think I managed to compile and edit it somewhat adequately.

(I'm quite proud of how I managed to limit myself to three songs by the Shins and Rilo Kiley, and only two by B&S.)


French Connection
Date: 7/28/2007
Welcome on board fellow Northerner, great first mix, keep em coming as I see you have done.
Date: 7/28/2007
This is more twee than no.2 mix.I don't think Rilo Kiley is twee.....Portions For Foxes was the last song we heard last night coming back from a party and it didn't make us feel like buying a tube of Love Hearts.As for Marley and the Chili Peppers,twee?
Anyway most of this mix fails to nauseate Apples In Stereo,Beulah,Belle And Sebastian,Archies and you've got Kiss Me in Japanese which is a genius move.Only thing that induces vomiting is them darn Peppers. Oh and don't be selfish with the sun,send some down to us wussy southerners.