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CD | Blues - Classic Blues

Get on Down With The Stepfather Of Soul: Rhythm & Booze!

Artist Song
Aretha Franklin  Soulville  
B.B. King  I'm Gonna Sit In Till You Give In 
Andre Williams  Rib Tips (Pt. 1) 
Bo Diddley  Do The Frog 
Slim Harpo  Tip On In (Pt. 1) 
Gene "Bowlegs" Miller  Frankenstein Walk 
The Fantastic Johnny C  Hitch It To The Horse 
Rodge Martin  Lovin' Machine 
Tiny Watkins  Way Across Town 
The Stingers  I Refuse To Be Lonely 
Koko Taylor  Fire 
Roscoe Robinson  How Much Pressure (Do You Think I Can Stand) 
Ironing Board Sam  Non Support (That's What The Judge Said) 
Harold Burrage  Things Ain't What They Used To Be (Since You've Been Gone) 
Otis Redding  Hard To Handle 
Howard Tate  That's What Happens 
Marva Whitney  Things Got To Get Better (Get Together) 
Lowell Fulsom  Make A Little Love 
The Olympics  Baby Do The Philly Dog 
Robert Parker  Barefootin' 
Pigmeat Markham  The Hip Judge 
Maskman & The Agents  One Eye Open 
Polka Dot Slim  A Thing You Gotta Face 
Willie Mabon  Just Got Some 
Candy Phillips  Timber (Pt. 1) 
Warren Lee  Climb The Ladder 
Solomon Burke  Maggie's Farm 
Tom & Jerrio  Boo-Ga-Loo 
Diamond Joe  Hurry Back To Me 
Larry Birdsong  Every Night In The Week 


Three additional tracks: The Mad Lads - No Time Is Better Than Right Now, The Meditation Singers - Don't You Want To Go (Pt. 1), and Jackie Moore - Here I Am.

Playlist for two guest DJ sets at "Rhythm & Booze," El Myr Burrito Lounge, Atlanta, Georgia, March 17, 2007. "R&B" occurs on the third Saturday of each month. The first link is to the entire mix. Check out the "Get on Down" blog at
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Mark Petruccelli
Date: 7/31/2007
This looks phenomenal! Absolutely my kind of drinkin' and steppin' music.
Date: 8/1/2007
crikey, this looks good . . . . how did I miss this ? excellent.