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THE FALL / VARIOUS ARTISTS - notebooks out plagarists!

Side A
Artist Song
the fall  kimble (lee perry) 
the fall  lost in music (sister sledge) 
the fall  strychnine (the sonics) 
the fall  white lightnin' (the big bopper) 
the fall   black monk theme (the monks) 
the fall  i'm a mummy (bob mcfadden) 
the fall  i'm not satisfied (frank zappa) 
the fall  last chance to turn around (hank williams) 
the fall  victoria (the kinks) 
the fall  i'm going to spain (s. bent) 
the fall  this perfect day (the saints) 
the fall  there's a ghost in my house (r. dean taylor) 
the fall   shut up! (the monks) 
the fall   mr. pharmacist (the other half) 
the fall  f-oldin' money (t. blake) 
the fall  a day in the life (the beatles) 
Side B
D.O.S.E. with mark e. smith  plug myself in  
the clint boon experience with mark e. smith  i wanna be your dog (live) 
jack o' fire  container drivers (the fall) 
long fin killie with mark e. smith  heads of dead surfers 
mild man jan with mark e. smith  fistful of credit 
inspiral carpets with mark e. smith  i want you 
merz  bombast (the fall) 
sonic youth  rowche rumble (the fall) 
edwyn collins with mark e. smith  seventies night 
the yummy fur  fiery jack (the fall) 
pavement  the classical (the fall) 
the adult net with mark e. smith  searching for the now (a.k.a. rebellious jukebox) (the fall) 
dustdevils  hip priest (the fall) 


whew. in case it doesn't make immediate sense, the first side is all covers DONE BY the fall (with original artist noted in parentheses); side two is either collaborations that the fall's mark e. smith has done with others, or other bands covering a fall song (where noted). i had to leave off st. etienne's version of "choc-stock" (no space left for it!) and god is my co-pilot's "totally wired" (since i loaned it to someone and never got it back). i just found out that the wisdom of harry does a cover of "rebellious jukebox" on a new UK EP, so i gotta track that down, as well.


Date: 4/28/2001
if this doesn't get mix of the week. someone is gonna get hurt.
Falstaff Dvorak
Date: 4/28/2001
Date: 4/29/2001
Don't forget "How He Wrote Elastica Man" w/ Mark and Elastica (I think you need a longer tape now :)
Jahr Zum Apfen 1968
Date: 4/30/2001
Damn! I remember taping that bootleg FOUR TUNNA BRIX ep that Sonic Youth did of Fall covers. To be honest, I like SY's version of "Rowche Rumble" better than The Fall's original one. I have to get some more stuff by The Fall.
Sonic Death
Date: 4/9/2003
Sonic Youth's version of Psycho Mafia is magnificent! I know i'm 2 years late but whatever...