on the cover, part two.

Artist Song
aitch  a glass can only spill what it contains (mewithoutyou) 
john vanderslice  karma police (radiohead) 
nada surf  if you leave (omd) 
loquat  there is a light that never goes out (the smiths) 
death cab for cutie  wait (secret stars) 
cat power  i found a reason (velvet underground) 
david gwynne  bad news (owen) 
dashboard confessional  jamie (weezer) 
waive  sleeping in (the postal service) 
matt pond pa  in the aeroplane over the sea (neutral milk hotel) 
ben lee  float on (modest mouse) 
the postal service  suddenly everything has changed (the flaming lips) 
josT gonz├člez  hand on your heart (kylie minogue) 
tortoise & bonnie 'prince' billy  thunder road (bruce springsteen) 
xiu xiu  asleep (the smiths) 


60 minutes; some mellow and acousticish covers i've been listening to on constant rotation.


Johnny Cage
Date: 8/10/2007
looks awesome.