more like a song, less like math (for gene)

Side A
Artist Song
orbital  halcyon & on & on 
boa  duvet 
ganja kru  smoke (natalie imbruglia mix) 
secret shine  loveblind 
all natural lemon & lime flavors  puzzle piece 
mu-ziq  the fear 
petra haden  red 
rachel's  handwriting 
idaho  scrawny 
b. fleischmann  putting the morr back in morrissey 
Side B
baxendale  music for girls 
club 8  missing you (making love to a machine rmx) 
sugar plant  happy 
fuck  laundry 
christine rosenvinge   taking off 
kristy macoll   in these shoes 
macha  until your temples are pounding 
cinerama   146 degrees 
isobella   black hair, green eyes 
kathryn williams   intermission 


yikes! another overwhelming task of creating something for an overachieving collector like g.a.b. labs. i made this with the idea that he seems to enjoy some electronic, experimental type stuff. i had fun making it. i learned something. honestly!


g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 4/28/2001
As I sit, listening via headphones (the best way to substantively judge a mix), and peck away @ undusted terminal keys; a cool breeze blowing through the window screen, I reach yet another level of consciousness with lissa's mix. Shall I "review" her work? "Not in these shoes..." now I'm barefoot: Mostly discovery for me, erumpent tunage showers forth in an exquisitely crafted agglomeration; (uncovered & undulant). The zig & the zag of it (genre-wise) really puts her mixing talents to the audible test (and the eclectic art / layout adds a bit of intrigue). Ms. Crayon has colorfully hit square her mark (and left one on me). I believe, though, what she really learned is just how much of an impatient and demanding fuck I am ! (*alas*).
Lissa Crayon
Date: 4/29/2001
oh now, come on! i am the one that was later than a tugboat to ireland with this mix! and remember--barefoot is better. i'm glad you enjoyed!!
Date: 4/29/2001
erumpent? :)
Lissa Crayon
Date: 4/29/2001
haha! erumpent...yea..sort of.
Date: 4/29/2001
guess i'll visit and figure out what he said.
Date: 4/29/2001
a tugboat actually made it here to ireland? mon dieu!