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Hurricane Season

Artist Song
Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz (feat. Usher & Ludacris)  Lovers and Friends 
Mariah Carey  We Belong Together 
Prince  Call My Name 
T-Pain  I'm Sprung 
Mario  Let Me Love You 
Kem  I Can't Stop Loving You 
Usher (feat. Shyne, Kanye West & Twista)  Confessions, Pt. II (Remix) 
Kickin' It with Your Girlfriend  R. Kelly 
DJ Play a Love Song  Jamie Foxx 
Obsession (No Es Amor)  Frankie J (feat. Baby Bash) 
Akon  Lonely 
Nelly (feat. Mase & Avery Storm)  In My Life 


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