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Acquisizione di controllo di Discoteca di Zombie Part 1

Artist Song
Delta 5  Journey 
PIL  Bad Night 
Joy Division  Interzone 
Samhain  Descent 
Big Black  Bad Penny 
Bauhaus  In the Flat Field 
Von Sudenfed  Serious Brainskin 
SMP  Necron 99 
C17H19NO3  A Spell for Breaking an Opening into the Sky 
Kraftwerk  Showroom Dummies 
Orgy  Blue Monday 
The Cure  Burn 
Dead Can Dance  Mother Tongue 
Interpol  Stella Was a Diver and She was Always Down 
Dr. Israel  Vampya Killa 
Sixth Comm  Othila 
Secret Society  Planet Telex 


A soundtrack to a nonexistent film "Disco Zombie Takeover." A little bit of this, a little of that. I'm working on being able to post some of my mixes for download soon. Anybody have any suggestions as to a good server?


Date: 9/10/2007
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