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Love This Life

Artist Song
Tracy Chapman  New Beginning 
Jackopierce  Forces 
Indigo Girls  Prince Of Darkness 
Skydiggers  I Will Give You Everything 
The Pogues  Misty Morning, Albert Bridge 
Crowded House  Love This Life 
Los Lobos  Angels With Dirty Faces 
Balla Et Ses Balladins  Paulette 
Eliades Ochoa y el Cuarteto Patria  Al Vaiven de mi Carreta 
Bob Marley & The Wailers  You Can't Blame The Youth (Talkin' Blues) 
The Specials  Too Hot 
Tom Waits  Get Behind The Mule 
Lenny Kravitz  When The Morning Turns To Night 
Lenny Kravitz  What The...Are We Saying 
Sade  Cherish The Day 
Coldplay  The Scientist 
Bjork  Venus As A Boy