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The Weight of His Dreams

Artist Song
Arlene Bishop  Cut a Man's Heart Out  
Tree Wave  Machines Fall Apart  
Montag  322 Water  
The Books  A Little Longing Goes Away  
Bobby Birdman  I Request The Universe  
Beirut  Cliquot  
Seabear  I Sing I Swim  
Sea Wolf  Middle Distant Runner  
B. Fleischmann  Static Gate  
Jose Gonzalez  Fold  
Scott Matthews  Boy With the Thorn in His Side  
Arm  Kids Aflame  
Deer Tick  Art Isn't Real (Cit of Sin)  
Cryptacize  We'll Never Dream Again  
Califone  If You Would  
Phosphorescent  At Death, a Proclamation  
Sexton Blake  Oh L'amour (Erasure Cover)  
Shocking Pinks  I Want U Back  
The Archivist  Jeremiah  
The Nobility  Halleluiah Chorus  
Mum  They Made Frogs Smoke 'Til They Exploded  
Tunng  Bullets  
Viva Voce  Wrecking Ball (Tunng Remix)  


A mix partially inspired by a painting with the same name by Tessar Lo (, but more by the intense pressure and weight of dreams. The struggle to achieve and produce in a world of rejection and confussion. There are too many projects and never enough time.


Manuel O.
Date: 11/14/2007
wow! this is wonderful! thanks for posting!
Manuel O.
Date: 11/14/2007
wow! this is wonderful! thanks!