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Wheres The Bass

Artist Song
LTJ Bukem  Undress Your Mind 
DJ Dara  Ulysees 
LTJ Bukem  Demons Theme 
PHD & The Funky Technicians  Above And Beyond 
AK 1200  Drowning 
LTJ Bukem f. MC Conrad  Darker Than Blue 
DJ Jizzello  Ornithology 
LTJ Bukem f. MC Conrad & DRS  Solar 
LTJ Bukem  Atlantis (I Need You) 
LTJ Bukem  Music 
Lovespirals  Beatitude 
PFM & MC Conrad  Western 


Heavy on Bukem because Bukem rules dnb. Two songs, Ornithology and Beatitude, I got from I remember going to Bukem's progression sessions in L.A. at the El Ray Theatre. It was nuts.


Date: 5/23/2001
Hey, I just got that Jizzello and Lovespirals stuff off myself -- there's really great stuff there if you just look around. As for LTJ, there's a re-issue now of Logical Progression Level One -- another chance for ppl to pick up on those epic PFM tracks....
Date: 7/29/2001
Possibly the only Intelligent D&B mix on AOTM? Respect! *rumages through record collection* :)