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Something sounds familiar...

Artist Song
Pink Floyd  Echoes 
Air  Playground Love 
James Carter & The Prisoners  Po' Lazarus 
TV On The Radio  Ambulance 
Neil Young  Southern Man 
My Morning Jacket  The Way That He Sings 
Television  Friction 
The Strokes  Someday 
Radiohead  Paranoid Android 
Muse  Citizen Erased 
The Clash  Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad 
Arctic Monkeys  A Certain Romance 
Supertramp  Goodbye Stranger 
The New Pornographers  The Bleeding Heart Show 
Backyard Heavies  Chitlin' Strut 
Beastie Boys  Pow 
Al Green  Let's Stay Together 
Prince  Money Don't Matter 2 Night 


Influences: they're like zits, you can fight them, but they'll always break out


French Connection
Date: 10/11/2007
Has Neil Young covered America's 'Horse With No Name?' Like the 6-8 stretch, The Clash tune and that great Al Green tune.