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Around the World in 30 Plays

Artist Song
Stars  Midnight Coward 
Albert Hammond Jr.  Cartoon Music for Super Heroes 
Belle and Sebastian  The State I Am In 
Paul Simon  50 Ways to Leave Your Lover 
Joni Mitchell  Free Man in Paris 
Modern Lovers  I'm Straight 
Yo La Tengo  Black Flowers 
The Kooks  Jackie Big Tits 
Cold War Kids  We Used to Vacation 
Arctic Monkeys  You Probably Couldn't See for the Lights But You Were Staring Straight at Me 
Tapes N' Tapes  Cowbell 
Justin Timberlake  My Love 
Gnarls Barkley  St. Elsewhere 
Midlake  It Covers the Hillside 
Bright Eyes  Bowl of Oranges 
Arcade Fire  Keep the Car Running 
Bruce Springsteen  Thunder Road 
Hawksley Workman  A Moth is Not a Butterfly 
Nico  The Fairest of the Seasons 
Cansei de ser Sexy  Music is my Hot Hot Sex 


This is this year's edition of my iPod cleansing. Something I started three years ago with my brother- every fall I go through my iPod, put the top 20 tracks by playcount into a playlist (omitting duplicate songs by the same artist and songs that had previously appeared on a year-end top 20) and then re-set the play count. Just an excellent way to see what governed your year. Especially interesting for me, considering I have mine fairly consistently on 'random: all'.
Note: as I mentioned last year, 'YOUR EX-LOVER IS DEAD' by Stars once again would have cracked the top 20 this year. Officially my favourite song now. Enjoy! s.


Date: 10/18/2007
i do the same thing, but don't reset the play counts. . . i love little social experiments like this. . .
Date: 10/19/2007
Interesting that you spun that Hawksley track that much. This playlist formula was probably the best mixing idea you've ever had, since I'm starting to find that these annual playlists are a bit like a yearbook of the year that was...see ya next year for the same great adventure: same iTime, same iChannel.