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Commander Cody & friends get down to some funky beats

Artist Song
Commander Cody  Hotrod Lincoln 
Harry Belafonte  Shake, shake, shake senora 
Harry Belafonte  Day oh 
Hani club  Eleanor Rigby (Hani club mix) 
Godhead  Eleanor Rigby 
Gomez  How we operate 
Paul Simon  You can call me Al 
Paul Simon  Diamonds on the soles of her shoes 
Different Gear  When the world is running down 
Blaqk Audio  Stiff kittens 
Klaxons  Golden Skans (Erol Alkan mix) 
Barnes & Barnes  Fishheads 
? Dj  Ultimate 80's medley mix 
Benny Benassi  California Dreaming 


A mix I made for a co-worker who requested tracks 1,7 and 8 and said just put whatever else you'd think I'd like on it.
The 80's medley mix was just too hard to resist putting on there. It has all kinds of stuff on that track, a lot of fun.