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Take a Sad Song & Make it Better: Fab mix for Cate

Artist Song
The Beatles  White Album Anthology Blooper Mix  
The Beatles  Two of Us  
The Beatles  Help! (Capitol LP Version with James Bond intro [STEREO] 
The Beatles  Happiness is a Warm Gun 
The Beatles  For No One (rehearsal)  
The Beatles  Baby It's You 
The Beatles  While my Guitar Gently Weeps (acoustic) 
George Harrison  Here Comes the Sun (live with Paul Simon) 
Paul McCartney  Something (live) 
Geroge Harrison  Mama You've Been on my Mind  
The Beatles  Norwegian Wood (Take 4) 
The Beatles  Don't Let Me Down (rooftop version)  
The Beatles  Oh Darling! (alt. take) 
Paul McCartney  It's Just for You (Get Back Rehearsal outtake) 
The Beatles  Here There and Everywhere ( Take 7 & Take 13) 
The Beatles  Girl 
The Beatles  Blackbird 
Paul McCartney  Carry that Weight (live) 
The Beatles  Dear Prudence 
Paul McCartney  One After 909 (live with Elvis Costello)  
Paul McCartney  Every Night (live) 
John Lennon  Everyone had a Hard Year 
Paul McCartney  Here Today (live) 
The Beatles  Can you Take me Back? 
The Beatles  Julia (take 1) 
Paul McCartney  Hey Jude (live) 


My good friend Cate and I had a conversation about our favorite Beatles songs. This inspired me to go back and listen to all my Fab related songs in my collection. This CD is dedicated to Cate, I hope this mix helps to cheer you up - rock star.


Date: 10/23/2007
Well chosen Beatles mix...
Date: 10/28/2007
Bloody fun.