and if i have to go, will you remember me?

Artist Song
world/inferno friendship society  addicted to bad ideas 
bookends  whiskey & wine 
carol lipnik  traveling 
death cab for cutie  coney island 
the magnetic fields  i looked all over town 
sylvie lewis  new york 
chet baker  old devil moon 
john lurie  strangers in the day 
tarran the tailor  bent love and grace 
adam glasseye and the insect fable  lay with me 
mischief brew  departure arrival 
hope for agoldensummer  malt liquor 
jasmine dreame wagner  hold pennsylvania 
joan baez  love song to a stranger 
gloria deluxe  country boy (lie with me one time) 
bruce springsteen  thunder road 
booker lee and the county fair  settlin down 
the pogues  love you 'till the end 
bob dylan  buckets of rain 
tom waits  if i have to go 
devotchka  tragedy 
defiance, ohio  the temperature is dropping 


the soundtrack to the last two weeks of my life. i know it seems odd that such a brief period of time would have its own soundtrack, but such is often the case in my life. title from the tom waits track.


Date: 11/8/2007
lovely choices, especially devotchka, bob dylan & magnetic fields