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Tori Live II

Artist Song
Tori Amos  Here. In My Head (1994 Bristol; Past the Mission UK Disc 2 ) 
Tori Amos  Family Improv (2003-24-8 Boston, MA) 
Tori Amos  The Waitress (1994 Boston; Past the Mission UK Disc 2) 
Tori Amos  Pain In My Hole (1996-9-12 Erie, PA) 
Tori Amos  Oh Susanna/Little Amsterdam (1998-9-13 Eugene, OR) 
Tori Amos  Noel (1999-11-28 Orange, CA) 
Tori Amos  Mother Revolution (2006-6-04 London, England ) [with London Gospel Choir] 
Tori Amos  Click-clacking Improv (2007-06-10 Stuttgart, Germany) 
Tori Amos  Bells For Her (1994-4-09 Berlin, Germany) 
Tori Amos  Father Lucifer/Tubular Bells/Small Town Boy (1996-04-9 New York, NY) 
Tori Amos  Caught A Lite Sneeze (1996 MTV Unplugged) 
Tori Amos  He Wears Heels (1999-10-11 Denver, CO) 
Tori Amos  In the Springtime of His Voodoo (2007-6-30 Frankfurt, Germany) 
Tori Amos  Hit By a Semi Story (2003-8-01 Los Angeles, CA) 
Tori Amos  Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut/Karma Police (2005-8-28 Rochester Hills, MI) [Radiohead] 
Tori Amos  Tear In Your Hand (1994-4-09 Berlin, Germany) 
Tori Amos  After The Gold Rush (2003-17-8 Canandaigua, NY ) [Neil Young]