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This is Life 15: All Together Now

Artist Song
Friends of Dean Martinez  Ripcord 
Little Wings  Beep About 
Viva Voce  Mixtape=Love 
Biirdie  LA is Mars 
The Frank & Walters  City Lights 
Wheat  Go Get The Cops 
Broken Social Scene  Market Fresh 
Mirah and Spectratone International  My Prize 
Animal Collective  Peacebone 
Half Man Half Biscuit  We Built This Village on a Trad. Arr. Tune 
Keene Brothers  This Time Do You Feel It? 
Iron & Wine  Innocent Bones 
Grandaddy  The Go In Go-For-It 
Califone  Our Kitten Sees Ghosts 
Belle & Sebastian  Black & White Unite 
The Black Angels  Prodigal Son 
Pixies  Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons 
Revival  Daybreak 
The Weakerthans  Reunion Tour 
Woodpigeon  Home as a Romanticized Concept Where Everyone Loves You Always and Forever 


part 15 of 20. Made a few weeks ago.
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Date: 2/3/2008
This is gorgeous. Great to see Frank & Walters and I love your closer.