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Fun on a bun: Ode to Futurama

Artist Song
Bender  Opening theme 
Death Cab for Cutie  The new year 
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited  Robot a go go 
Beastie Boys  Intergalactic 
Echobrain  I drank you 
A.C. Newman  Drink to me, babe, then 
Phillip J. Fry  Walking on sunshine 
Katrina & the Waves  Walking on sunshine 
They Might be Giants  Become a robot 
Calexico  Attack El roboto! Attack! 
Beck  Where it's at 
Death Cab for Cutie  Scientists studies 
The Beta Band  Space 
Frank Black  Space is gonna do me good 
Garbage  Metal heart 
We Are Scientists  Lousy reputation 
Modest Mouse  Dark center of the universe 
Of Montreal  The party's crashing us 
DiVinyls  Science fiction 
Minutemen  Maybe partying will help 
Califone  Your golden ass 
Zapp Brannigan  Bender's top 10 words 


Being that Futurama is one of my favorite toons, I felt compelled to create a mix CD for it. This has some artists that have performed on the show or are songs that I felt tied into the theme of it.