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Your Friends Can't Even Fathom Me

Artist Song
Apples In Stereo  The Narrator 
Sea Wolf  You're A Wolf 
The Cure  Killing An Arab 
The B-52's  Dirty Back Road 
Spoon  They Never Got You 
Queens Of The Stone Age  Make It Wit Chu 
Built To Spill  You Are 
The Kinks  Dandy 
Donovan  Sunshine Superman 
Holly Golightly  The Ship 
Neil Young  Comes A Time 
Brightblack Morninglight  Everybody Daylight 
Seeland  Neu! 



Date: 11/28/2007
I thought for sure, after reading the title, that song 1 would be that "Ska8er Boi" song by Avril Lavigne ... was pleasantly surprised.