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New York or New Delhi?

Artist Song
Alien Soap Opera  Voladores(Blim rmx)  
Orient Expressions  Istanbul 
Raw Deal  Dark Horse 
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan  Sweet Pain(Joi rmx) 
ILS  No.84 
Rennie Pilgrem  Attention 
Lionrock  'Get Carter' theme 
George Russell  A Helluva Town(Sa-Ra 'Go' rmx) 
Meat Katie  Long To Belong 
Horsepower Productions  Marseilles 
High Plains Drifter  Sholay 
Kode 9  Sub-Kontinent 
Horsepower Productions  Synbad 
Loefah  Bombay Squad 
Stanton Warriors  Seeker 
LC Rulez  Kri (Sta rmx) 
Kode 9  Swarm 
Amb  Lina 
Gogol Bordello  Green Card Husband(acoustic) 


Enough guitars already.This is a mix of breaks and early dubstep.


Date: 12/5/2007
I was in the dark here until I saw the last track which still barely illuminates things. I'd like to think Clint Eastwood was involved in 11 but I suspect not.
Date: 12/6/2007
Track 9's about NY,10 samples Taxi Driver,a lot of the tunes have an Indian flavour,and I fly to Delhi once a year.Bit of a tenuous link I know...
Oh and G.B's on the end 'cos 16+18 are sung in Slavic,and 'cos they're great!