SomeThings We Need More Of...

Artist Song
Abney Park  All the Myths are True 
Balzac  Ace of Spades 
Flogging Molly  The Devil's Dance Floor 
Elysian Fields  Bend Your Mind 
Ultra Vivid Scene  Blood and Thunder 
Queens of the Stone Age  The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret 
The Smiths  Tell the King 
Miyavi  We Love You 
Abney Park  The Death of the Hero 
Tori Amos  Teenage Hustling 
Soft Cell  Tainted Love 


mostly songs from artists i've just now discovered with them and have decided i love. added the tori amos and miyavi tracks for the hell of it, and the soft cell because we all watched "best songs of the eighties" on tv over christmas and i couldn't get it out of my head for three days.


French Connection
Date: 1/2/2008
Like the look of this cept for the closer which always sounds as if it has a budgie chirping throughout it to my ears.
Date: 4/26/2008
i guess the track i had that was labeled the smiths on my filesharing proggie was actually a libertines tune. ah well. i need more of them both.
Date: 9/29/2008
yes, i'm sorry. the song "tell the king is by the libertines. it was mislabeled, but the smiths also pwn.