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Monra's Favourites

Artist Song
Simon & Garfunkel  Bridge Over Troubled Water 
Strawbs  Grace Darling 
Van Morrison  Sweet Thing 
Shawn Phillips  Moonshine 
Joni Mitchell  Free Man in Paris 
Nick Drake  Hazy Jane II 
Grateful Dead  China Cat Sunflower 
Allman Brothers  Midnight Rider 
Bob Dylan   All Along the Watchtower 
Love  Alone Again Or 
Byrds  Goin' Back 
David Bowie  Life on Mars? 
Pink Floyd  Wish You Were Here 
Barclay James Harvest  Someone There You Know 
Neil Young  After the Goldrush 
Steely Dan  Boston Rag 
Led Zeppelin  Goin' to California 
Big Star  Watch the Sunrise 
Bruce Cockburn  All The Diamonds 


when my first kid was a baby a few years back I went through this really nostalgic, sentimental phase, so I was listening to a lot of singer-songwriter/folk-rock/acoustic guitar stuff. This mix CD was just a quickly assembled playlist of some of my faves at the time, in no particular order. A lot of it is definitely cliche, but there's a reason these songs became caricatures of themselves: they're really good.


Date: 1/3/2008
7 > 8 very cute!