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i'm robotic, not electronic.

Artist Song
muse  bliss 
depeche mode  suffer well 
placebo  running up that hill 
clinic  come into our room 
golden boy / miss kitten  autopilot 
the killers  on top 
she wants revenge  out of control 
nine inch nails  in this twilight 
donnie darko soundtrack  burn it to the ground 


this is a mix basically consisting of music with a more cold, robotic feel kinda synthy stuff, but it wouldn't really fit into a category of electronica/techno...

i know there are SO many songs that i couldve picked other than these, but i am sadly limited to the music already on my computer. can't download new stuff cause i got dial-up, can't buy new stuff cause i aint got money, so i make do with what i got.
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