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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

POE Mix Club #1: San Francisco, CA

Artist Song
Matthew Dear  Dog Days 
K.I.A. feat Jane Cardiff  Large Slow River 
LCD Soundsystem  Too Much Love 
Black Devil Disco Club  I Regret the Flower Power 
Tricky Disco  Tricky Disco (Plone Mix) 
Kraftwerk  Computer Love 
Aphex Twin  Alberto Balsam 
Boards of Canada  Kid for Today 
The Knife  From Off To On 
Hot Chip  The Warning 
Junior Boys  Like a Child 
Air  Lucky and Unhappy 
Depeche Mode  Home 
Seefeel  Spangle 


A whole bunch of what might be called "downer techno." Proof that robots cry, too Hope that my recipient isn't a technophobe.