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Profoundly Moving Oscar Contender

Side A
Artist Song
Bruce Springsteen  Born in the USA 
The Beatles  Back in the USSR 
Leonard Cohen  The Old Revolution 
Portishead  Cowboys (instrumental) 
Grantby  Timebooth 
John Barry  Fun City 
Scott Walker  The Girls from the Streets 
The Drifters  At the Club 
Serge Gainsbourg  La Javanaise 
Camera Obscura  If Looks Could Kill 
Hall & Oates  Maneater 
Bobby Brown  Every Little Step 
Philip Bailey & Phil Collins  Easy Lover 
Jay-Z  I just wanna love U (Give it 2 me) 
Chris Farlowe  Baby make it soon 
Jimmy Connell  Cigarette Ashes 
My Bloody Valentine  Cigarette in your bed 
Shirley Bassey  If you go away (Ne me quitte pas) 
Side B
Veronika Pouillioniene / DJ Shadow  Lithuanian Lullaby / Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain 
Tatu  All the things she said 
Depeche Mode  Any second now 
The Human League  Seconds 
The Heart Throbs  Hooligan 
Queen  Killer Queen 
Clinic  Cement Mixer 
PP Arnold  The first cut is the deepest 
Explosions in the Sky  The only moment we were alone 
Sex Pistols  God Save The Queen 


"Stunning" - The Guardian "Extraordinary" - The New York Times "Incredible" - The Independent on Sunday "Chuck Norris and Cynthia Rothrock give the performances of their careers" - Empire "An ill-advised and frankly ridiculous mix of Timecop, Gorky Park and Gregory's Girl" - The Sun
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Date: 1/26/2008
Stunning, Extraordinary, Incredible...I love seeing Portishead, Gainsurg, Jay-Z, and Shirley Bassey on the same mix. This moved me.
Date: 1/26/2008
I listened, I loved, I laughed, I cried. Four and a half stars!
Date: 1/26/2008
"God Save The Queen" is worth the price of admission by itself!
Date: 1/26/2008
What would The Sun know huh? Class.
p the swede
Date: 1/26/2008
well well, at least wicked ;)
Rob Conroy
Date: 1/26/2008
Yet another winner, despite the presence of a few tracks that make my skin crawl. I particularly love the Scott Walker, MBV, Beatles (of course), Shirley Bassey (SwankQueen just requested that I unearth that version for her--I hadn't heard it prior to that, but it's great), Serge, PP Arnold, Queen, and Chris Farlowe tracks. All are certainly Oscar contenders.Tracks to be buried in the nearest garbage can (that's rubbish bin to you Brits), at least IMHO, are the Bruce opener, "Maneater," "Easy Lover." :-)
anthony lombardi
Date: 1/26/2008
absolutely adore that camera obscura track, love the beatles & jay-z & MBV, like the leonard cohen & sex pistols & queen too...gotta agree with rob on the hall & oates track though...
Date: 1/27/2008
well, I'd have to agree w/ Rob on that particular Hall & Oates song, and "Easy Lover" too, I'm afraid... but I'm starting a petition to keep "Born In the U.S.A." out of the rubbish bin, garbage can, recycling dumpster or anything else like that. it's a great song! there's really no better ditty for going 12 miles over the speed limit on the local freeway system. great picks by Human League, Shirley Bassey, Scott Walker... and I thought I was the only Cynthia Rothrock fan on this website!
Date: 1/27/2008
I'd be quite happy for the dustbin to be left empty to be honest. I always thought Maneater sounded identical to 'Stevie Wonder's' Part Time Lover - not sure which one came first. LOVE that Jay-Z track, MBV, Portishea etc
Fine stuff..
Mark Petruccelli
Date: 1/28/2008
I had forgotten that Boby Brown sang before the reality shows. Not my favorite Bruce tune but there is just something about starting with "Born in the USA" and ending with "God Save the Queen". Nicely done all aroun.
Date: 1/28/2008
"Timecop" was one my favourite movie back in the day (I was a huge Van Damme fan!). Anything influenced by that has gots to be gold. Both sides here are fantastic.
Date: 1/28/2008
Awesome stuff! Hey, I was about to use that Shirley Bassey version on my next romantic mix, coincidentally.
Date: 2/15/2008
Great mix! love the pic!
Date: 3/6/2008
Poor doggy. GREAT mix.
Date: 3/22/2008
Is the Lithuanian Lullaby/DJ Shadow track a mash-up you made yourself?