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CD | Theme - Romantic
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The Twisting Fingers Of Fear

Artist Song
VNV Nation  Intro 
NON  Alpha 
Nine Inch Nails  Eraser 
Scorn  Almost Human 
Lustmord v. Sunn O))) v. Orbital  Tibetan Burial 
Einsturzende Neubauten  Ozean and Bradung 
Orbital  Transient 
Dead Can Dance  The Host Of Seraphim 
VNV Nation  Homeward 
Nine Inch Nails  Down In It 
Blink-182  Adam's Song 
Nine Inch Nails  The Downward Spiral 


This mix was a project that I postponed in a time of intense bombardment of school work. I usually use CDs as a last-resort medium and, in this case, I had to because directly recording CDs was impossible due to some scratched CDs. Enter iTunes. Anyway, this mix is pretty much an "I'm feeling like shit so I'll make a mix that ultimately concludes in suicide" mix. And it does just that. This portrays someone violently angry with something, with ominously negative emotions stirring with the first two songs. These crescendo into rage at "Eraser" before sinking back into blatant negativity and, in turn, emotional blankness, before becoming depression and ultimately suicide. I mixed "Tibetan Burial" myself, combining the SFX of Orbital's "Transient", the funeral bells of Sunn O)))'s "Bßthory ErzsTbet", and the ambience of Lustmord's "Dark Companion", a "remix" if you will.