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e l e m e n t s : ECM

Artist Song
Vassilis Tsabropoulos  Diamond Cut Diamond
(Achirana, 2000)  
Tord Gustavsen Trio  Still There
(Being There, 2007) 
Eberhard Weber  Endless Days
(Endless Days, 2001) 
Steve Kuhn  Oceans In The Sky
(Remembering Tomorrow, 1995) 
Steve Tibbetts  Burnt Offering
(The Fall of Us All, 1994) 
David Torn  Ring for Endless Travel
(Prezens, 2007) 
Jon Hassell  Wing Melodies
(Power Spot, 1986) 
Jan Garbarek Group  Arietta
(Twelve Moons, 1992) 
Tomasz Stanko Quartet  Suspended Variation I
(Suspended Night, 2004) 
Dave Holland Quintet  High Wire
(Prime Directive, 2000) 
Nik BSrtsch's Ronin  Modul 39_8
(Holon, 2008) 
Pat Metheny Group  Eighteen
(Offramp, 1981) 



Now that my overseas business has been nicely put to bed (by my contact, the audio-surgeon, Mr. Smith), I can turn my sights back to file-hacking & my out-box. This a tribute to one of my favorite labels, E C M...following a [mostly] Jazz(ish) pathway. It began in a thread on an ambient music site: Favorite ECM Albums/Artists and grew from a tiny sampler mix into a full-fledged `elements' edition, from which I changed the original David Torn piece, `Rest and Unrest', and swapped out Paul Motian for a track off the newly acquired Nik Bartsch's Ronin,
Holon album (minimal, experimental, funk-fusion Jazz), which I recommend highly. The Pat Metheny track was ripped from LP.
...and a jazzy "shout-out" to LostintheJazzmix...(wherever ye may be).

Original jpeg used for the cover: ECM (electrochemical machining) Turbine Blades


Date: 2/16/2008
Wonderful. FAR more than a label highlight, this is is a beaut.
Date: 2/16/2008
Have to agree. I must thankyou for beefing up my media library re: Jazz. Most tracks I have by these artists are from one of your many fine mixes. This is a pre-listen comment, so many links these days. Hurrah..
Date: 2/16/2008
This is wonderful. ECM has been a favorite label of mine for so many years. I collected every album they released on vinyl from Day One and still have the entire output. Perhaps a little obsessive but their music is soooo good.
Date: 2/16/2008
Elemental, my dear Gustavsen.
Date: 2/17/2008
I always liked ECM's artwork. Much check out the music too!
Date: 2/17/2008
Wonderful. I also miss LostintheJazz....
Date: 2/17/2008
Some really beautiful tracks here. The Tord Gustavsen Trio track is from a fantastic album ("Blessed Feet" being my favorite track on it). Hearing Jon Hassell's distinct sound was good, too. And thanks for the tip about Nick BSrtsch's Ronin, they sound great.
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 2/17/2008
Thanks for the comments. It's nice to see that there are other ECM fans on the site. For me the difference is this: let's say David Bowie releases an album on Capital, then on RCA, then Columbia, and then EMI: I really don't care
and will probably make the purchase, regardless of the label. I won't, however, go to Capital's web-site to see
what's "new". But I regularly peruse the ECM site to see what's out there, because I trust Eicher's production
standards, artistic values and vision.

One may not appreciate the Jazz genre ("I know, it's only Rock-n-Roll...")...but if ECM puts it out...it's gonna' be good!
Date: 2/18/2008
Gene, totally agree with you about ECM. I went through a period in the mid 70s where I obsessively collected every ECM record I could get my hands on. Especially people like Jan Garbarek, Ralph Towner, Dave Holland, John Abercrombie, Terje Rypdal, Carlo Bley and so many more.
Your mix covers have always reminded me of ECM album covers. I really need to get back into that special ECM groove. Thanks for the link.
Date: 2/21/2008
I'm not familiar with ECM, but your mix here provides a nice introduction. Really liked the piano on the opening two and the Eberhard Weber and David Torn tracks in particular.